Most Incredible Tours in the Amazon

Are you thinking about taking cool vacation tours in the Amazon or the Amazon Rainforest region? If so, you’re in the correct place. Check out what we have for you!

Amazon concentrates more than half of the planet’s tropical forests, reserving a lot of natural wealth. Check out our guide to discover all about tourism in the Amazon!

One of the largest Natural Heritage in Brazil, the Amazon concentrates more than half of the world’s tropical forests. Traveling to Manaus, the capital of Amazon, is the chance to see up close and enchant yourself with spectacular biodiversity.

Because it is so wide, varied and not always easily accessible, it is recommended that the visitor hire specialized services. Tour operators like Amazon Explorers, Manaus Jungle Tours, and Amazon Eco Adventures Tours promote guided tours through different parts of the Amazon Rainforest and surrounding areas.

Here are 9 must-have things to include in your tours in the Amazon.

Swimming with pink dolphins

Wrapped in legends and myths typical of the region, the pink Amazon river dolphin is an essential character of a complete Amazonian experience. The animals, which can reach 8’2 in height and 408 lbs, are extremely docile, live free in the warm and dark waters of the Rio Negro and can be observed at many points.

A swim tour with dolphins (which may have different color variations, near the gray) is synonymous with enchantment. The activity of the instructors is to call the dolphins using fish as bait. It is the chance that the visitor has to see them closely, feed them, touch them briefly and make beautiful photos.

Climb the tree

The childish play of climbing a tree can become one of the most incredible experiences in a radical and fascinating setting. Imagine the sensation of climbing a tree 115 feet high and having a privileged view of the largest rainforest in the world.

It is what the Amazon Tree Climbing provides in scripts by different areas of the region, like Manaus, Presidente Figueiredo and the Reserve of the Tupé. It is possible to climb trees like Samaúma, Amapazeiro, Angelim, and Macucu, conducted by guides and with all security.

Waterfalls of Presidente Figueiredo

A small town that boasts nothing less than 159 waterfalls, 7 rapids, 9 caves, can not be left out of an Amazon itinerary. It is the small Presidente Figueiredo, 65 miles from the capital, and properly named “land of waterfalls“.

It is one of the best Brazilian destinations for adventure tourism and ecotourism, with sports options such as rappelling, rafting, zip-lining, tubing, kayaking, canopy tours and jungle trails.

With a height of 10 to 100 feet, most waterfalls are located in protected reserves and natural parks, or in private properties. Among the most popular are the Urubui, Sanctuary and Iracema Waterfalls.

The meeting of the waters

No trip to the Amazon and Manaus could be complete without witnessing one of its greatest patrimonies: the legendary Encontro das Águas (Water Meeting). The hydrological phenomenon of the confluence of the Negro and Solimões rivers is an unforgettable experience.

One can observe from far away, from the Mirador of Embratel, in the neighborhood Colônia Antônio Aleixo, east of the capital. Or see even close: in case you’re in a boat, you can touch and feel the hot black water blending with the cold brown. Just do not think about diving, because the waters are deep and dangerous on the spot.

  • Depending on the route booked, you can include visits to riverside communities, hiking trails or local bird watching.

Getting into the jungle

Howler monkey on a tree in the nature habitat, rare sightings

It is worth remembering again that to get into the Amazon Rainforest, do not think twice about hiring an authorized and experienced tour guide. In addition to the safety issue, the guide will generally ensure the best places to see, including those birds, monkeys and other animals that everyone expects to observe.

For the adventurous ones, it’s worth taking a stroll in the evening to get a chance to find nocturnal creatures. Depending on your budget, your bed can be a hammock, a camping tent or even a “makeshift hotel”.

Contact with local community

About 40 miles away from Manaus is a perfect destination for those who want to immerse themselves in the local reality and get in touch with the community and their habits. It is the friendly Iranduba, known for hosting 9 thousand hectares of the Ecological Park of Lake Janauari, whose ecosystem includes igapó and victoria regia, characteristic vegetation and symbol of the Amazon Forest.

In the village of São Thomé, you can find the famous Jacaré jungle lodge, all made of wood and with its own restaurant that serves delicious dishes of the Amazonian gastronomy. Sleeping in a simple room, learning how to extract latex, visiting Caboclo’s house, fishing, sighting alligators and pink dolphins are part of the day-to-day activities of those staying there.

  • Tip: There is no regular transportation to the community, so you need to hire the service of a travel agency in Manaus or stay at the hostel (which offers transfer from the capital).

Anavilhanas Archipelago

Located in the cities of Manaus and Novo Airão, the Anavilhanas Archipelago gathers approximately 400 islands, being one of the largest sets of freshwater islands on the planet.

The islands are covered with virgin forest and its ecosystems include streams, canals, lakes, and thousands of trees. The fauna is full of herons, macaws, bacuraus, ocelots, alligators, monkeys, porpoises and about 500 species of fish.

The best way to access the archipelago is to take a boat trip, which is offered by several professionals in both cities. When the Rio Negro is full (between November and April), most of the islands are submerged.

Seringal Museum

Nothing like having a “living lesson” about a period of extreme importance in the history of northern Brazil. The Rubber Cycle is perfectly illustrated in the Seringal Vila Paraiso Museum, inaugurated in 2002.

The collection consists of furniture and utensils that illustrate the richness of the rubber plantations when rubber was at the peak of its economic value. It is possible to visit the warehouse, storage and storage barracks, mansion of the seringalista, chapel, stable, among other scenarios.

  • It works from Wednesday to Sunday, from 9am to 4pm. It is in the countryside, in Igarapé São João, and access is only by boat, from the Marina of David, in Ponta Negra.

Visit the indigenous tribe

Since guided by serious tour guides, visiting an indigenous tribe in the Amazon can be a fascinating experience. Members of tribes such as Dessana Tukana usually receive tourists every day, as they benefit from tourism and interaction with the white man (they sell food items because they can not hunt or intervene in the protected forest).

In the Tupé Reserve, for example, live about 40 inhabitants of the Dessana Tukana tribe. Visitors are greeted with brief rituals, where the Indians dance, sing and play their own instruments. It is possible to buy handicrafts (earrings, necklaces, bows, baskets, masks etc.) and also participate in a collective meal, where you can taste different species of fish and local foods.

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