How to get to Navagio beach (The shipwreck beach) in Greece

How to get to Navagio beach, the stunning shipwreck beach, located in Zakynthos (or Zante), Greece. Here you’ll find beautiful pictures with a perfect guide with all you need to know before traveling or going on vacation.

Nature has beauties that even our eyes doubt, and Greece is full of these paradises. Among so many Greek islands we go to Zakynthos, on the west coast. Far from the hustle and bustle of the most visited islands like Mykonos, Crete and Santorini, Zakynthos or Zante – as it is also known – is the third largest of the Ionian islands and until recently it was not one of the main tourist routes.

The island gained fame after having one of its beaches chosen as the most beautiful in the world: Navagio. Although it is a remote beach, it is still very accessible, which has made it a very popular beach.

Navagio Beach is surrounded by limestone cliffs, blossoming blue sea, white stones (instead of sand) and a shipwreck in the 1980s used by cigarette smugglers from Turkey.

How to get in Zakynthos leaving Athens

There are many ways to get to Zakynthos, including by plane, as the island has an international airport. But the most economical way is with ferries (a boat/ferry that looks like a small ship) that run daily. It is necessary to do bus and boat transfers, and every journey will take around 5 hours.

In Athens go to KTEL Station (there is the bus station). The M1 bus leaves from the center of Athens direct to KTEL. When you get off the bus on the right side are the companies that sell the tickets to Zakynthos. Departure times may vary but usually depart in the morning and late afternoon, with the last time being at 4:15 p.m. The passage already includes the land stretch from Athens to the port of Kilini and the sea stretch from Kilini to Zakynthos. The value of the two sections costs 26 euros.

You will take the bus and go to the port of Kilini, there you will catch the boat to Zante. But attention, the bus also goes inside the ferry. Then when you arrive at the port of Zakynthos you should return to the bus and the same will follow to the bus station of the island. So pay attention to which bus came and do not stay late at the exit otherwise the bus will leave you behind.

How to Get to Navagio Beach (The Shipwreck Beach)

The island is relatively large compared to its neighbors. The Navagio beach area is in Volimes, a little more secluded, with no lodging options. In this case, it is necessary to stay in the eastern or southern part, where most of the tourist structure is concentrated such as hotels, restaurants, banks and car rentals.

Attention: To get to the beach is a path (through Vromi port), to get to the viewpoint (on the platform of Shipwreck) is another. See the map:



The reference that you should always have is Maries, following directly you will reach the viewpoint. From the viewpoint, you will have the classic view of the beach, from above. Get off the platform where everyone stays, even because there is not the most beautiful view, and walk to the right side. Follow the trails and you will have one of the nicest views of the beach. It is amazing!


There is no access by land, only by boat:

  • Leaving the port of Zakynthos
  • Leaving the ports of Volumes

To reach the Vromi port: from Maries, turn left and follow the signs to the port. The boats leave the port hourly and cost from 10 to 15 euros, depending on a number of people. When they return, they stop in the blue caves. Which are also magnificent!

You do not need a GPS to get there, it’s very easy to get guided by the map. When in doubt, ask the locals, they are very friendly and will help you.

The best time is in the morning, very early. From 11 am to 3 pm are the times with the highest flow of tourists. It is best to go first to the viewpoint and then to the beach.

The whole tour, go in Navagio and know the blue caves, lasts around 2h. On the way back, I suggest going down to Porto Limnionas and getting to know the blue lagoons.

Car rental, scooter, and ATV

Most people rent a vehicle to go to Volimes. That way you have the freedom to know a good part of the island on your own and enjoy more time on places. If you are in a group, you can rent a car and split the costs, if you are alone, you can rent a scooter or quad. To rent it is not necessary to present the international driver’s license, the national one is enough already.

The rent of an ATV costs about 20 euros, for 24 hours. The road, in general, is quite quiet. The stretch in the northern part is more secluded and you’ll walk virtually alone.

Best season of year

May to June – in the spring/summer transition is one of the best times to enjoy these places that get crowded in high season. At that time the temperatures are milder and you can enjoy the beaches, although it is not at the top of summer.

July to September – European summer period and temperatures are as high as 30 ° C. At that time tourists flooded the Greek beaches.

September to December – the rains are concentrated more in this time, mainly in October.


The beach does not offer any kind of structure like bars, restaurants, and bathrooms. Do your needs in the port bathroom, bring food and other items you find necessary. If your foot is very sensitive, it is advisable to bring a flip-flop because the beach is gravel, not sand.

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