8 Cheap South America destinations

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning small group tours, family vacations or going alone, we’ve got your back to the best Cheap South America destinations!

From beaches to historic cities, from deserts to archaeological sites, South America is full of cheap and amazing destinations. Looking for budget South American tours? Below we listed 8 cheap destinations in South America to visit as soon as possible.

It’s a joy in every traveler’s life; you do not have to spend a lot to make incredible trips. Usually, it pays much less than going to other continents. Visiting cheap destinations in South America is indeed possible, and this includes some of the most beautiful places in the world.

If this year, your desire is to explore beautiful places and spend little, be inspired: there are plenty of cheap destinations in South America. Beaches, deserts, historic cities, islands, archaeological sites, natural parks… the list can be endless. But we have separated 8 destinations in South America from those to include in your list of travel dreams. Check it out.

Cheap South America vacations:

Small group tours? Single? Family travel? Whatever you chose, South America is great for you!

Pucón, Chile

Pucón, Chile – A great and cheap destination in South America!

In Chile, a great option away from the capital Santiago (480 miles to the south), is the friendly city of Pucón, in the region of Araucanía. The town is surrounded by the lake and volcano Villarrica, a major local attraction.

Although not being disabled, sightseeing on the volcano is quite common. In the summer, tourist agencies offer guide services and equipment rental for “andinismo” (as mountaineering is known in the Andean countries) – it is advisable to use guides and specific equipment since there are quite slippery stretches on the mountain.

There are several other sports and activities related to ecotourism in Pucón, including water skiing, trails, and rafting. Not to mention the ski center on the slope of the volcano, which runs between July and September, and has excellent infrastructure, with six lifts, 20 ski and snowboard slopes, a restaurant and area for children.

Tayrona Park, Colombia

Colombia: beautiful and fits your budget!

Imagine the landscape: 12,000 hectares of pristine vegetation, hundreds of species of animals (many in danger of extinction), some of the most beautiful beaches in the Colombian Caribbean, and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and its large mountain ranges as a background.

So is the view of the Tayrona National Natural Park, considered one of the most beautiful places in Colombia. Transformed into a park in 1968, the place was home to the Tairona indigenous people until the middle of the 15th century. Even today one can see its archaeological sites, like Pueblito Chairama, recognized as a sacred place for the Indians of the region and where several of them still live In huts.

There are several options of trails in the park, always with breathtaking scenery, either on foot or on horseback (which it is possible to rent at the entrance of the park). Not to mention the beautiful beaches – such as Cabo de San Juan, La Piscina and Playa Brava (this is reserved for nudists).

Isla del Sol, Bolivia

A great small budget South America destination!

It is likely that everyone who dreams of breaking South America would love to make the Bolivia-Peru-Chile Route. Of course, Lake Titicaca could not miss the list of places to visit. Being the largest navigable lake in the world, with no less than 41 islands, which one to choose?

There is no way to go wrong with Isla del Sol. With access to the city of Copacabana, it is the largest and one of the most beautiful island in the lake. The island is considered sacred to the Incas because there were the shrines of the “virgins of the sun,” dedicated to the Sun God. Today, the island is still populated by indigenous people of Quechua and Aymara origin, who dedicate themselves to crafts and Sheep grazing.

There are many archaeological sites around the island, such as the museum Challapampa, where are the pieces found around the island. The entire landscape is amazing, with trails across the island, deep blue waters, beautiful green mountains and, of course, the Andes mountain range with its snowy peaks.

Los Roques, Venezuela

Tropical beach in Los Roques, Venezuela. And it’s a cheap travel!

Los Roques is widely considered the most extraordinary and unforgettable destination for visitors to Venezuela. And it is not for nothing. Situated about 105 miles from the coast of the country, in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, the archipelago has about 50 islands and an infinity of attractions for its tourists, mostly couples and young people looking for perfect beaches to enjoy. Although accessible by private boats from various locations, the primary means of reaching the archipelago is through commercial flights departing almost daily from Caracas, Porlamar, and Maracaibo.

One of the main highlights of Los Roques is the wide variety of options to take advantage of. Diving enthusiasts, for example, will be satisfied with the excellent alternatives, among which are Boca de Cote, Las Salinas, and La Guasa. Visibility borders on the unimaginable and the local underwater fauna will leave even the initiates in the practice impressed.

For those looking for beaches to relax, bathe and sunbathe, the possibilities are no less wide. On the contrary, white sands and calm and transparent waters, ideal for bathers, are abundant in Los Roques. The most famous islands for this are Francisquí, Madrisquí, and Crasquí, which, like diving sites, are accessed by boat from Gran Roque. Another exciting destination in the archipelago, especially if children are in the travel group, is the visit to Dos Mesquises, where it is possible to meet and participate in the project “adopt a turtle.”

Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

Looking for a cheap vacation? You have found it! Also a great small group destination.

Cabo Polonio is a small village on the edge of the sea on the Uruguayan coast. A haven of tranquility amid the chaos of the country’s beaches at this time (crowded with tourists), it still preserves its character as a place to relax and enjoy the holidays.

“Relax,” this should be your watchword in Cabo Polonio. Relax, de-stress, enjoy the vibe … The place is magical, and if you worry about doing several things you will miss what the place really is: peace and tranquility

Encarnación, Paraguay

Searching for budget South American tours? Check out Paraguay!

Encarnación, a beautiful city in Paraguay, located south of Asunción and near the Argentine city of Posadas, has become the “pearl” of tourism in this South American country.

Known as the “Pearl of the South,” Encarnación passed from the commercial center to the summer destination of Paraguayans and tourists, mainly from Argentina.

Located 230 miles from Asunción, this thriving city is a unique place in the country, like its coast, on the Paraná River, a natural border between Encarnación and Posadas.

The coastal strip, open for a year and a half, is full of places to see and recreation areas, covers 17 miles and has three white sandy beaches in which villagers and tourists seek to enjoy the intense heat.

Salta, Argentina

Never heard of it? It’s not your fault, but let’s get this over with. Salta is the capital of the Argentine state of the same name, a medium-sized city with about 500 thousand inhabitants. It is located near the Andes Mountains, in a place called Vale de Lerma. In other words, a beautiful city surrounded by mountains.

This piece of Andean Argentina, very close to Bolivia and with a landscape similar to that of the neighboring country, has fascinating proposals for its visitors. The city of Salta, the provincial capital, is the ideal place to stay and from there to several walks, among them the imposing “Train of the Clouds” – that crosses the mountains and reaches to reach more than 2500 miles of height. One of the most traditional and recommendable options is the Hotel Colonial, inaugurated 70 years ago, in the heart of the historic district of Salta.

Baños, Ecuador

Ecuador is a country with several tourist attractions, from beaches to the Andes, passing through Galapagos and historic cities. However, no destination in the country breathes as much adrenaline as the city of Baños.

Baños de Agua Santa or simply Baños is a small town in the center of Ecuador. This exciting city has two atmospheres: one side bucolic and another well adventurous. The bucolic side is due to the tranquility of its streets; the city of 13 thousand inhabitants has calm and receptive inhabitants and is surrounded by green areas. The adventurous side is outside the city; in its woods and reserves it is possible to do various types of extreme sports like climbing, rafting, zip-lining; near the city there is an active volcano, a rocky cliff and if you can still take it, you can enjoy the night in a nightclub in the city.

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