Cheap European Vacation Ideas

Are you planning to visit Europe this summer? You found the right place, we’ve got some Cheap European Vacation Ideas to absolutely fit your budget. Take a look right now!

Europe is one of the most heavily visited tourist destinations in the world and is home to the greatest tourist attractions ever. Be it the natural landscapes, the snow capped mountains or the hustle bustle of an urban city you want to witness, Europe has an assorted treat of every kind.

Whenever you are travelling to a particular travel destination, first and foremost, you are worried about your expenses in a foreign country. You aim to find the cheapest possible way to visit the wonderland you have chosen within a specific budget range. No matter how hard you try, sometimes, there is a chance of exceeding the limit due to ill decisions.

If you are planning to visit the European tourism sights this summer, we will give you some fantastic ideas to cheapen your travelling experience and save money.

Did you know that travelling to Europe is not that expensive and you can lower your expenditure through numerous ways? In London, you can get full meals within $10. If you plan to spend a night in Bavarian Castle, it will cost you only $125. While visiting Paris, you can explore Musee d’Orsay, Louvre and Pompidou for free. Dining in the classic Rome costs merely $30 whereas you can stay in Spain’s Alhambra palace grounds for only $150 per night. In Istanbul, cruising through the clear waters of Bosporus will cost you only $1.

Cheap European Vacation Ideas - bavarian castle

The best way to start saving is to do your initial research before travelling. Compare the airfares through various websites like and Destination Europe or Airfare Planet to check out the differences in prices.

Some places offer package tours which are a great way to save some money. Visit Go Today, Tour Crafters and Gate 1 Travel to check out their individual element prices. For weeklong travels, they offer package starting from $549 per individual!

The means of transportation you opt for the tour also saves a lot of money. If you are going to a location that would take you more than 5 hours to reach, settle for a faster and cheap airline. But if you prefer to drive, you can check out short-term lease vehicles like Peugeot and Renault which can be given to you for 2 weeks.

There are many cheap lodgings available in Europe as well. You can check out some small rooms on websites like Booking and Venere. You’ll find a variety of convents, cottages, villa rentals, farm stays, private rooms and castles which are authentic staying places available for low rates.

Spend as little as possible on dining. In Europe, you will come across some wonderful stalls and carts selling delicious foods like sandwiches and crepes for very low cost. A lunch at the temples of haute cuisine will also be a good choice. Traditional dishes cost less at pubs and bars and trattoria.

Cheap European Vacation Ideas - Colosseum in Rome Italy

Sightseeing in Europe is not so dauntingly expensive either. Fortunately, the best sights are free of cost. Explore the majestic architectures and stained glass arts by Michelangelo and Matisse for free! Paris’s Perfume Museum and Madrid’s Museum of the Blind and various other exploration sights spread throughout London, Rome, Paris and Madrid are available for excursions at no cost.

Enjoy a fabulous dream vacation keeping in mind these tricks and save a lot of money this summer.

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