10 Great Brazilian Vacation Destinations + Tips

In this article, you will see 10 great Brazilian vacation destinations. As you may know, Brazil is a continental dimension country, a nation with a very diversified culture, an excellent climate, and an enormous natural abundance, integrated by the same language.

Summer starts in December and finishes in February in this South American country. And before going on a vacation to Brazil, you have to get enough information on what to bring.

Posted below are few tips to help to decide what to prepare for a getaway to this beautiful country.

Brazil Vacation Tips:

  • Take care of your photo equipment as well as other apparatus sensitive to humidity.

Humidity is very high in Brazil. Sealable plastic bags are also helpful, so ensure to bring a few.

  • Bring in your medication and prescription.

If you brought some medicine, be sure to declare it at the Customs. There are also many drugs that you can purchase from the chemist without having a prescription.

  • Buy sun block and mosquito repellent once you arrive there.

Most are high quality and made for the specific conditions of the country.

  • Get Hepatitis shots before going to Brazil.

Hepatitis A, B and C cases are widespread in some areas in Brazil. Additionally, always wash your hands before eating. Use appropriate antiseptics and disinfectants.

  • Always keep copies of all your essential documents.

You can leave copies with a someone back home, or keep copies in a different location from the originals. You can even email the copies to yourself.

  • Bring a pair of flip-flops

If the purpose of the vacation to Brazil is to appreciate the beaches, then a pair of flip flops or sandals, along with your swimsuit and hat is essential.

  • Never leave your stuff alone.

Theft rates are very high in some places in Brazil, so always be careful. Keep money, smartphones and cameras close to you and never flaunt these items in low-populated locations.

  • Learn some Portuguese.

Understanding a little of Portuguese language can help when interacting with the local people. In most of the tourist areas, English and Spanish are spoken.

  • Have valid entry documents.

Your passport must be valid for six months from the day of entry. Foreign visitors are given a maximum of 180 days to stay in one year. From Policia Federal, you can acquire additional renewals for 90 days.

By using these tips, you can look forward to getting an enjoyable Brazilian vacation.

In spite of its popularity, to lots of people, Brazil is widely unknown. Many other destinations worldwide took the front seat in the tourism section which is incredibly sad when you look at how much Brazil has to offer.

Regardless of who you are, there is always something cool for you in Brazil. The culture is sufficient to satisfy everybody. And for a long time, the many tourist attractions will always be remembered.

10 Great Brazilian Vacation Destinations:

We’ve selected some amazing Brazilian destinations that can be your next stop.

Mount Roraima

Brazilian Vacation - Monte Roraima

Some resemblance to the paradise of Disney Pixar’s Up? It is no wonder! This place inspired the film. Mount Roraima is on the border with Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. The trip up to the top of the mount can take 7 to 10 days of walking, but the come back only take two days, and returning visitors are covered with wonderful waterfall baths along the way.

Canoa Quebrada

Brazilian Vacation - Canoa Quebrada

The dunes and beaches of Canoa Quebrada are about 90 miles from Fortaleza, Ceara. The fishing village has a beautiful natural beauty. There are fun raft rides, and a 30-minute ride costs about $ 5.

Iguazu Falls

Brazilian Vacation - Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls are composed of more than 270 waterfalls, located in the Iguazu National Park, in the State of Parana, bordering with Argentina.

Jalapao State Park

Brazilian Vacation - Jalapao State Park

The combination of plains, sand dunes, rivers and waterfalls make the Jalapao State Park the favorite destination for adventurers. After rafting on river rapids, you can swim in waterfalls, all this while enjoying the natural park.

Amazon rainforest

Brazilian Vacation - Amazon

The largest natural reserve, with the greatest biodiversity in the world, holds almost half of Brazil, in more than 155 million square miles. If you’re lucky, you can see giant otters, pink dolphins, and jaguars. We recommend you to use mosquito repellent.

Genipabu dunes

Brazilian Vacation - Dunas de Genipabu

Close to Natal, the capital of Rio Grande do Norte; Genipabu is famously known for buggies rides in the dunes and lagoons. One of the local popular hobbies is “esquibunda” which involves sliding down the dunes on a wooden board.

Cave of the Blue Lagoon, Bonito

Brazilian Vacation - Bonito

The Cave of the Blue Lagoon is part of one of the biggest flooded areas of the world. Its blue waters extend for more than 220 yards deep. It’s believed that the mysterious source of the lake can be an underground river, but yet it wasn’t found.

The cave is rich in prehistoric treasures. A Franco-Brazilian expedition in 1992 discovered thousands of ancient animal bones, including saber-tooth tigers and giant sloths. It is in the town of Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul.

Fernando de Noronha

Brazilian Vacation - Fernando de Noronha

Located 220 miles northeast of the coast of Pernambuco, Fernando de Noronha archipelago is a sanctuary for sea turtles and spinner dolphins. The archipelago has some of the best surfing and diving in Brazil. To protect the environment of the island, they only allow 460 visitors there every day.

Porto de Galinhas

Brazilian Vacation - Porto de Galinhas

Frequently rated as one of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil, Porto de Galinhas has warm and clear water pools, perfect for swimming and snorkeling, often being able to catch sight of turtles. At low tide, you can take a “jangada” tour to see shoals of fish among the coral reefs. It is about an hour from Recife.

Ilha Grande

Brazilian Vacation - Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is a magical island, full of natural beauty, situated in the municipality of Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro. With numerous beaches, including Lopes Mendes – classified as one of the best beaches in Brazil – Ilha Grande is a perfect place for adventurers and nature lovers.

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