The best All-Gay Cruises for your All-Gay vacation

Looking to take an all-gay vacation? How about embarking on an all-gay cruiser trip with lots of parties, fun, and comfort? Do not waste time, look at the best all-gay cruises we have selected for you and embark on this adventure!

One of the fastest growing crowds in the cruise market is the LGBT. And companies, in general, have become gay-friendly, offering all-gay programs, themed cruises or simply with a good reception for this niche market. Below, we have selected the best all-gay cruises for your all-gay vacation. Check it out!

All-Gay Cruises:

Atlantis All-Gay Cruises:

The leader in all-gay vacations, they host over 20,000 guests on their cruises and resorts each year. The company creates a gay vacation experience and environment so unexpectedly special, in so many ways, that you have to try it to understand it fully.

The Cruise – European Gay Cruise by La Demence:

Amuse yourself to a gay vacation of a lifetime, joining the European gay cruise by La Demence! A full range of possibilities has been carefully made for you: parties, several on-board activities, incredible shore visits, delicious food, entertainments, and always the option to just sit back and relax.

Koningsdam Caribbean RSVP All-Gay Cruise:

Try the latest RSVP Caribbean All-Gay cruise! It all begins with the most recent top-notch cruise sailing three stunning Caribbean islands. Think about the pleasures of making new friends and interacting with familiar faces in a cozy, inviting gay and lesbian environment. Marvel at a great entertainment lineup giving much more variety than ever before. Revel in parties made just for you.

Mandalay Grenadines Caribbean Clothing Optional All-Gay Cruise:

There is no greater way to discover the Caribbean than clothing optional all-gay cruising on a big ship in the moonlight. Prepare yourself for a journey full of fantasy & fun. Your trip starts on the unique and passionate island of St. Lucia, where the dueling Piton peaks work as a beautiful landmark for ocean adventurers.

Other companies offering gay-friendly cruises:

Crystal Cruises – An ideal choice for older homosexual couples, sophisticated singles or discreet groups looking for a pampering experience. The company offers a luxurious and gay-friendly environment, with programs specifically tailored to the LGBT clientele on all their travels, something rare among luxury companies, which makes having a loyal group of customers.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises – Good for LGBT couples who like the good things in life and who are looking for a luxurious and all-inclusive cruise experience. Among the differentials of the company compared to its competitors is the atmosphere slightly younger and casual.

Celebrity Cruises – It is quoted by the LGBT public for its cozy, modern atmosphere, hotel-style decor, and boutique, especially in the Solstice-class ships and clubs. Places like the Martini Bar and Michael’s Club are highly praised by the passengers as well as the mix of traditional and innovative entertainment.

Holland America Line – The company enters the list as the ideal company for those looking for an atmosphere of a traditional cruise and fine dinners. One of Holland America Line’s hot spots is culinary, with upscale restaurants and its Culinary Arts Centers, with workshops for those who love to learn. According to LGBT guests, the onboard staff is one of the differentials. The most cited ships are those of the Signature class.

Norwegian Cruise Line – Known for its strong focus on entertainment, Norwegian Cruise Line is said to be the ideal destination for young people in search of bustling nightlife and partying. The company was the first to offer Freestyle Cruising trips, meaning no marked seats, no fixed dinner times, flexible dress code. It has become highly sought after by the LGBT public. Their cruises offer special events for the public, as well as having a travel history that is totally geared toward homosexuals.

Seabourn – Seabourn is named one of the companies preferred by LGBT cruisers for the variety of itineraries and visits to less busy ports. The company has small, modern and elegant ships. Their boats range from 200 to 450 guests and are like yachts, they visit small ports that can not be accessed by large ships. On board, they offer spacious cabins, high-quality restaurants, and activities for all guests.

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